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9 Aug 2014
Fuel consumption did not think to others that is very cost oil over six less than 7, it is puzzling 1.4 open 910 liters of oil, and you will not shift it, perhaps the traffic jam traffic jam it will be doubled, then turn right Alto fuel consumption. Any one people and businesses can not perfect at all times, we want to progress we must dare to admit mistakes, it is necessary for the customer wanted. In the catalog distributor in handy. Cleaning equipment prices vary greatly, an automated car wash lines used funds of about more than 10 million, there are 3000 yuan high-pressure pump water gun can be won, as the purchase of what, exactly look at your needs. The new 350 will inherit the excellent quality scenery scenery Dongfeng series models, and other series models Dongfeng scenery adjourned classic, in order to bring the acclaimed car feel Dongfeng scenery is no doubt in similar products has its own unique charm breitling Bentley Motors replica, so beautiful 350 it? I believe a more intelligent and humane configuration and so affordable prices will not disappoint.. 1 each role while only holding a treasure 2 lakes treasure new value of the property practice to get the treasure 3, the practice is 40 points 4 every 30 minutes, practicing values ​​disappear 1:00, reducing the value of practice 0:00 quack quack treasure treasure disappears 5 holders 18: 0024: 00 to enter a state of shock (including kill, drowning, cutting off the meridians, etc.), rivers and lakes treasure will drop, other times not falling, everyone can read the article pickup (non lakes MINGJUN stage or in the protection of the players picked unreadable strips, such as novice / ring moderate cases), read the article may be interrupted 6 treasure every Monday to Thursday will be output from the chest in the game world Friday midnight disappear within 7 game World Information published: when the crown after the emergence / treasure holders will kill / treasure holder 8 when switching scenes role NPC advice to get advice BUFF day into active mode replica breitling chrono avenger, from this period safe area protection, can not participate in other activities 9 lakes treasure corresponding to the internal strength, a separate air force value of the property, when you run the peerless magic, if the corresponding lakes treasure is not in the body, you need to continue to consume air force value, air force value not to exercise our powers to 0, after obtaining the lakes treasure, every day 18: 0024: 00 air force will gradually recover, with the upgrading of internal strength layers, pneumatic limit value, the recovery rate will be raised.


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